Summer retreat 2024

Circling by the Sea

With this retreat we intend to play with how it is to bring circling into everyday life. We want to invite you into an exploration of body and mind, moving toward effortless being and action.

The retreat is an intimate experience for max 12 participants and takes place in the beautiful archipelago of Southern Norway from August 19th – 25th 2024.


Circling by the Sea

Dates: August 19-25th 2024
Price: €650 + food/accommodation 
Early bird price: €550  (until April 1st)

Bringing circling to life


We will start off with a 2½ day immersion where we dive deeply into the practice together and create a container for living from authenticity, presence and aliveness. The following days will have a looser structure- with a surrendered leadership session each day and open space where we practice self-leadership while enjoying what the area has to offer: organized fishing trips, oyster safaris, island explorations, mushroom picking, expeditions to the local bronze age settlement, swimming, sun bathing, forest walks and bike trips to local, scenic villages are among the possible options.

To support you in your self-leadership we offer 1½ hours of 1:1 supervision pr. person during the week. Here you can explore the challenges or dilemmas you encounter during your stay.

While the main scheduled activities at the retreat are Circling and Surrendered Leadership, we will also introduce and play with other practices such as sitting meditation, bodywork, embodiment practices and various aspects of relating to nature. There will be optional, facilitated meditation sessions every morning and plenty of time for self-exploration.


Circling & Surrendered Leadership Immersion

The retreat kicks of with a 2½ day immersion into Circling & Surrendered Leadership that will get us all in tune for the rest of the week.

Relating in and with nature

We are inspired by how our interpersonal relating can be influenced by the nature around us and want to bring that in. 

Surrendered Leadership mornings

Every day will start with a Surrendered Leadership session where we connect as a group. 

Supervision with the leaders

During the retreat you are offered two 1:1 coaching or bodywork sessions with one of the leaders. 

Explore to the land and the ocean

Explore the archipelago of Southern Norway by land or sea. Visit the local forests or go island hopping by boat. 

Locally sourced produce and seafood

We grow most of the produce ourselves in the garden and will go fishing to bring you the freshest seafood imaginable.

I can’t talk about the retreat without mentioning the absolutely gorgeous location, at the bottom of a beautiful fjord, lending a energy of calm and a vacation feel to the immersion, accentuated by the spacious programme that allowed plenty of time to bask in the sun, paddle paddle board or row in the beautiful fjord, go fishing, hiking or take a trip to the nearby town.

Peter leads with an evident deep knowledge of and skill and an uncanny knack for spotting the underlying layers of what people are bringing helping them to bring deeper layers of their experience in a way that continues to impress me, while Ronja brings her own extensive experience with circling along with a wonderful eye for and care for where people – and the space – are at, also making delicious food in the process. 

Also the food deserves mention, local specialities made with vegetables from the garden and seafood freshly caught by our hosts… Along with a lot of love. I actually get hungry just sitting her writing about it. 

There weren’t saved on details to make the immersion a full experience, including cosy evenings in front of the fireplace, forest meditation and even homemade icecream. 

Morten Skovgaard Andersen
Participant 2023

Accomodation for different needs and wallets

Pricing Options

The price is €650 + food/accommodation.
Early bird price: €550 (until April 1st).

We have various options for accommodation available depending on your budget and your need for comfort and privacy.

Double room: €80/day
4 person room: €60/day
Tent: €40/day

All prices are in addition to the retreat cost and include a full vegetarian/pescetarian meal plan based on the vegetables of the season and the catches of the day.

The View

Comfortable room with a double-bed on the 1st floor of the main building. Good for couples or people who like privacy.

The Nook

Comfortable room with a double-bed on the 1st floor of the main building. Good for couples or people who like privacy.

The Garage

Private room in a separate building with two large single beds, bathroom/shower and tea kitchen.

The Downstairs

Bedroom with 2 single beds on the ground floor of the house.

The Hall

Large and light dorm on the 1st floor of the house with 4 single beds.

Bring your own tent

Bring your own tent + sleeping gear and put it up anywhere in the garden.

Explore the Norwegian Archipelago

About the Venue

The venue is “Kaasestua”, a 300+ m2 house in a rural area located in the archipelago of Southern Norway, half an hour outside of Kristiansand. The house is close to the forest and 50m from the ocean. It  comes with a large garden,  private bathing bridge, boat and our own developing vegetable garden.

You are invited into the heart of Peter’s childhood for an all inclusive retreat, surrounded by nature and the sea. We will share three meals a day of healthy, delicious vegetarian/pescatarian food based on home grown vegetables, self caught fish and berries and mushrooms from the local forest.

We want to have the retreat at this venue to create an intimate, personal and most of all real setting for exploration of what it means to be human.

We are looking forward to meeting you

Meet the Facilitators

Peter Munthe-Kaas

Tai Chi, Circling, Body Therapy

Peter encountered Circling in 2015, became a certified facilitator in 2016, and has since been instrumental in building a community around Circling and Authentic Relating in Denmark. Peter regularly hosts Circling weekends throughout Europe and is a senior leader for Circling Europe.

Ronja Lofstad

Circling, Relating to Nature

Ronja Lofstad discovered circling in 2014 and it has been an active part of her life since. She has facilitated circling evenings, weekends, retreats and courses in Copenhagen for years and is currently assisting on Circling Europe’s six-month circling leadership training.

Samtaler om dét, der virkelig betyder noget i livet.